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Rear wheel brushless hub motor does not move

When I turn the throttle the rear wheel moves in a little spurt, when stops completely. Then the motor makes a faint sound. I have new batteries and the rest of the electrical all works. I have done most of the suggested trouble shooting. I am down to speed controller or motor issues Any suggestions would be great Thanks, Cliff

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Hi Cliff, Brushed motors have 2 thick wires, and brushless motors 3 thick wires and between 5 to 6 thin wires. Does the scooter or bike that you are working on have a brushed motor or a brushless motor?
Single wire coming from motor has 3 thicker wires blue green yellow and 5 fine wires.
Then it is definitely a brushless motor. When a brushless motor acts that way it is usually because of a connection issue between the motor and controller, especially with the thin wires.

The first thing I would do is check the connectors between the motor wires and controller wires to make sure they are properly connected and in good condition. I would unplug the connectors and look at their pins to make sure none of the pins are bent over. Then I would inspect the motor wires for any possible damage. Brushless motor wires are especially susceptible to breaking or having their insulation worn off where they exit the center of the wheel axle because the axle usually has sharp edges and the wires have to make a sharp turn in that area.

Please let me know how it goes.

I checked the common points of failure. The connector- the smaller fine wires match up on both sides and feel strong in their position. The pins look untouched. The wheel exit wire looks good as far as I can see and their is a flexible spring that covers the wire going into axle. I also have that rubber tube, to the right off the arrow in your picture. I also discovered that when I turn the throttle and try to walk the scooter the wheel sputters and then locks until I let go of the throttle.

Jon forwarded me the support ticket that you submitted and I read that you load tested the new batteries and they passed the load test and are good. Otherwise load testing the new batteries is what I would recommend next.

Considering that the hub motor wires and connectors are in good condition that points towards either the hub motor or the controller being faulty. Both brushless motors and brushless motor controllers are too complex to easily test unless you have a second identical vehicle to swap the motor and controller in between from to determine which part is not working.

Controllers are usually the weak link in the system so if I had to make a decision between replacing the motor or controller I would choose the controller.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you . I will let you know how it goes
Did you ever figure out the problem?
Did you ever figure it out? In having the same issue I think.

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