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Pukka Mini Bike Shuts Down

With Batteries fully charged and running at max speed, my Pukka will just shut down and won't do anything until turn the on & off switch off then on.  I'm okay for a little while but then it will do it again.  Does this bike have a breaker switch that is shutting the bike down and I'm setting it by turning the main switch off then back on?
Thank you for your help

As far as I know the Pukka does not have a traditional external breaker switch, the controller has a breaker function and will shut itself off if the motor or controller gets too hot, such as would happen if you are riding up a steep hill for an extended period of time, or if the motor or controller are overheating due to mechanical or electrical problems within themselves.

The controller will also shut off if the battery pack drops to a low voltage level. When the battery pack Voltage level is too low the controller will shut off to prevent the batteries from completely draining and damaging the battery cells.

Chances are that the problem is with the batteries if they are over 2 or 3 years old, or if they have not been charged every 30 days whenever the bike was not being used.

The first troubleshooting step I would take is to load test the battery pack and make sure that it is not dropping too many Volts under load. A good 24 Volt battery pack will have around 27 Volts in it when fully charged and will not drop under 25 Volts under load. Most speed controllers will shut down when the battery pack Voltage is under 23 Volts. Here is a link to our battery pack load testing guide:

If the batteries test good then I would move on to troubleshooting the other parts on the bike. Either the motor or speed controller could be getting too hot and causing the power to shut down. After riding the bike until it shuts down I would then see if either the controller or motor are overheating. Both of these parts get warm with normal use but they should not get too hot. Warm for a motor or controller is up to around 130 degrees and hot is over 155 degrees. Please be careful if you use your hand to feel how hot they are - I would start by touching them for a fraction of a second and then working my way up from their. Or an infrared thermometer could be used to get actual temperature readings although this is probably not necessary unless you already own one.

Hopefully this information will help to get the bike running properly again. Please let me know how it goes.

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