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Rhino electric scooter front axle parts and identify

this is a Rhino electric scooter but I am having trouble finding a front wheel Axle and spacers in the search bar. does anyone know what is the correct information I need to put in I. I also attached a photo of the scooter. I cannot find the manual which came with the scooter .
This is the first request we have had for that part so we have not stocked it yet. I checked with our distributor and all I could find was the front axle, which looks like it is just a chrome plated standard metric bolt. I could not locate any front wheel axle spacers for the Rhino scooter though. Unfortunately our distributor is out of stock of the front axle right now. I could not get any specifications for the axle so I do not know how long it is. The Rhino scooter uses 6001 wheel bearing though which are 10mm ID so the axle should have a 10mm diameter. Here is a photo of the axle.

You might be able to source the front axle bolt from a small local hardware store like Ace. Since our distributor does not carry the spacers so those might need to be custom made from steel pipe.

If you wind up figuring how long the 10mm axle bolt needs to be maybe you could post that information here so the next person that needs a Rhino scooter front axle will know which size bolt to buy.

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