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Rad2Go Throttle Controller Wiring diagram


I have a Rad2Go scooter the just underwent a $100 battery replacement. Thought I had all wires exact but began to see smoke when reconnected wires from battery to controller. Anyone out there have a wiring diagram or provide a pic of the correct wiring?

Attached is the board in my scooter.


Unfortunately I do not have any wiring diagrams for any of the Rad2Go scooters. I viewed your attached photo and the label on the controller indicates how to wire it, although it may have been labeled incorrectly by the factory however that is not very likely. If the controller is labeled correctly then here is how it should be wired.

If the battery pack was wired to the controller correctly then there is a chance that the controller could be faulty which caused it or the wires going to it to smoke. Hopefully this will help. Please let me know how it goes or if you have any questions.

ESP is right and that controller may be fried or you got the polarity backwards in wiring. There is one other interesting feature with the Rad2Go scooters that could be causing part of the problem and that is that someone advanced the motor for more speed (these were adjustable for torque for hill climbing or for greater speed) and if that is the case, the motor may be pulling too many amps or is fried. Don't know which model you have; however, we saw a lot of this at our shop when Rad2Go put a 500watt motor where it was supposed to be 800watt. Just a thought!


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