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How to Open Gearbox of eZip 1000/Schwinn Stealth 1000?

 ​Have posted in other forums, but no answer yet. So am also posting here:

I rode my Ezip 1000 an estimated 800 miles last winter in & through the snow. I should like to open up the gear box to replace the grease, & any bearings that need replacing after exposure to the salt.

Can anyone please post a step by step procedure to accomplish this?

Thanks much.

Hi Ashoke, I have never opened up a gear box on a Currie 1000 series electric scooter before so unfortunately I am not able to offer any advise or procedures on how to do that. I imagine that it is an extremely simple gear box though and should not present any problems to disassemble and reassemble without instructions. The only hiccup that I can think of would be if the gasket got damaged during disassembly because replacement gaskets are not available. It could be resealed with an automotive RTV silicone gasket maker if that happens though.

Thanks for the reply post.

I opened it up. Unfortunately there is one 22mm nut that is reverse (left hand) threaded, & so I stripped the thread on the shaft. I don't know how to effect a repair now. Any suggestions?

In my readings, I did not come across any mention of this.

Thanks for telling me about the gasket. Fortunately it is not torn.


Sorry to hear about the stripped thread on the shaft. Stripped threads on shafts are generally not easy to repair.

You might be able to have the shaft machined to a smaller diameter where the stripped thread is and then have smaller threads cut into it for use with a smaller bolt. I am not sure if this would be worth doing though since machining costs are so high, and a smaller bolt may not hold up to the requirements of the transmission.

The best bet would probably be to replace the entire unit with a new one. We have 1000 Watt Currie motors with gear boxes (minus the rear wheel) which are item # MOT-SD361000DD available on this page:

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