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Beach Cart

I am building a PVC cart to take things from my house to the beach.  I will be using 30 CM wheels carrying aprox.  200 lbs.  The distance to the beach is 1 mile.  There is a dune I have to cross and then some sand.  I would like to have reverse,  handle bar twist throtle.  I have been reading other posts and I would like you to put together a parts list or a complete kit number.

There are two kits I recommend for your project which are KIT-144 and KIT-145. With a 30cm wheel KIT-144 will provide a top speed of 4 MPH and KIT-145 will have a top speed of 3 MPH, however I could change the 44 tooth sprocket to a 36 tooth sprocket on the KIT-145 and it would then have a 3.7 MPH top speed. Normal walking speed is 3 MPH.

Here are links to both kits:

KIT-144 -

KIT-145 -

The 10 Ah batteries in both of these kits will provide plenty of power for two 1 mile trips with power to spare in case an extra trip needs to be made.

I can modify these kits with different parts such as different style throttles, etc. if you would like. The motor in KIT-145 has a flat mounting base which makes it easy to mount to any flat surface, while the motor in KIT-144 does not have a mounting base and is usually more difficult to install. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I went with the 145.  Do you think it is better to run a live axle or just drive the one wheel?
To use a live axle or drive one wheel is a tough decision to make. The live axle will provide the best traction however will make the beach cart hard to turn. The single wheel drive will provide less traction however it will make the beach cart easier to turn.

If the cart will be used to go up steep sand dunes then a live axle might be necessary. If the cart will be used primarily on flat sand and also be driven on paved parking lots or roads then the single wheel drive will probably be the best way to go. If the cart will be driven on paved surfaces then I would not recommend to use a live axle because, especially with large low pressure tires, it will want to go in a straight line and will not be easy to turn.

Project is coming along well with the KIT 145 .  The grip control and reverser wires are about 18" short for my application.  I could extend the wires however if you have controls with longer wires I could purchase them.  My handle bar is 1" dia. anyway I will need to adapt what I have.  I 1" dia. grip with longer wires are available I could purchse them

Thank you

Tom Kurucz

We do not have the throttle or switch which was included with that kit available with longer wires or for 1" diameter handlebars.

We do not have any switches for 1" handlebars, however we do have a twist throttle with matching grip for 1" handlebars available at this link:

If you need to extend the throttle and switch wires then additional wires could be soldered onto them, or extension cords could be made using our white wire connectors that are sold on this page:

I completed my beach cart project and I am very pleased with the kit I purchased.  It worked well after I extended the wires.  I purchased a scooter at a flea market for $5 and used the handle bar from it to complete the steering. Here on the East coast we just started using the cart and battery life seems better than expected.  I also went with a live axle and glad I did.  The cart runs well however on some rougher terrain needs a tug or 2 to keep going.  I do have a question about a 36 tooth sprocket to increase my speed a bit.  I thought I read that you have an adapter to mount this to the axle.  I have a 20 MM axle is there anything available for this?  I made my own and just curious if you have something.

We carry freewheel to axle adapters for 20mm axles on this page:

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