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Moving Heavy Loads

The desired performance targets are:

  • maximum speed of 2 mph under 1,400 lbs load on grass/lawn-type terrain
  • minimum speed of 0.5 mph under 1,400 lbs load on grass/lawn-type terrain inclined at 5%
  • a target speed of 15 mph under 700 lbs load on flat packed dirt, concrete and/or asphalt surfaces
  • minimum speed of 3 mph under 700 lbs load on packed dirt, concrete, asphalt surfaces inclined at 10%
  • minimum run time of 90 minutes at 10 mph under 700 lbs load on flat packed dirt, concrete, asphalt surfaces
  • reverse capability under all load conditions

I can change one or both sprockets between the 1,400 lbs load configuration and the 700 lbs load configuration in order to obtain the desired performance..

For the 700 lbs loading, primary power will be supplied by an on-board battery pack.For the 1,400 lbs loading I plan to use an off-vehicle tethered DC voltage source.

Please recommend a complete kit for these requirements noting that a battery pack is only needed for the 700 lbs load portion of the requirements.

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If a 100 lbs vehicle with a 700 lbs load does not have a multiple speed transmission and the motor will directly power the drive wheels via a chain then our Motor Power Calculator calculates that a motor around 4000 Watts would be needed to be able to climb a 10% grade with a top speed gear ratio that provides 15 MPH top speed. 

However since the target speed on flat ground and minimum speed while traveling up a 10% incline are so far apart a 1000 Watt motor could be used provided that there was a multiple speed transmission in the driveline which would provide a 1 to 4 gear reduction for climbing 10% inclines and a 1 to 1 gear ratio for traveling on flat ground. 

We do not currently carry motors in the 4000 watts range or multiple speed transmissions so we would not be able to put together a kit for this type of project at this point in time. We do have many parts which could be used for the project though, but unfortunate not all of them. 

We have a Ride Time Calculator which can be used to estimate ride times for electric powered vehicles and carts.

For anyone interested in our kits we have hundreds of Electric Power Kits available for projects ranging from electric scooters and bikes to beach wagons and industrial carts.

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