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Troubleshooting help needed

Hi support, 

     I previously purchased a kit from you this past December to build a wagon for my son. I completed the custom wagon shortly after and everything has been working well up until yesterday when it just shut off. I double checked the wiring and everything seems to be in check.

 Here are some facts: 

The charger LED will not change from green to red when plugged in(even though I know it needs some juice after our last ride around the neighborhood). 

When plugged into the charger(still green light) I can turn the key on and the wagon(motor/throttle/throttle battery meter/throttle reverse button) works as intended. Unplug it from the charger and its back to a dead state.

I have a small fan with a 0.01a draw pulling from the key switch to cool the controller enclosure whenever the wagon is on. This fan only works under the condition of being plugged into the charger like the above statement. 

The reverse button is NOT engaging. Even with the key off, the wagon used to be able to switch between forward and reverse. It is only able to change under the same circumstances as the above two statements(plugged in).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.


(3.76 MB)
(3.62 MB)

It sounds like power from the battery pack is not reaching the controller. I looked at the kit you purchased and notice a fuse between the two batteries. This fuse might have blown. If you have not already done so then I would check the fuse between the two batteries and replace it if necessary. 

Please let us know how it goes. 

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