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Go-kart axle and sprocket

I'm going to build a solar-powered go-kart and for that, I'll be using a 250watt motor with an 11 tooth sprocket on it and now I'm looking for a 55 tooth (#25) sprocket that fits on an axle but I can't find it anywhere can you help me?

We have #25 chain sprocket solutions for go-kart axles with freewheels so the go-kart can roll forward without any resistance from the motor, and with hubs so the motor provides resistance to the wheels when the go-kart is rolling forward faster than the motor is running. 

Freewheel axle sprocket solutions for #25 chain can be found on this page:

We also custom-make sprockets in a multitude of sizes for #25 chain which can be found on this page:

We have mounting pattern options for our custom-made sprockets so they fit our axle hubs with G1 mounting pattern, 4-hole freewheels with F4 mounting pattern, and 5-hole freewheels with F5 mounting pattern. Plus we have freewheel to axle adapters to mount the freewheel and sprocket onto the axle.

Our axle hubs have a G1 mounting pattern and can be found on this page:

Our freewheel to axle adapters have an F5 mounting pattern and can be found on this page:

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