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Heavy duty electric wagon

Needing to build an electric powered wagon - much like t so called beach wagons - but need a little more weight capacity. I'm needing to build it for my granddaughter to haul supplies for showing cattle -feed,hay,bedding pellets & etc. Does anyone have any idea as to where one might acquire plans or drawings .
When I say heavy duty I mean loads of up to 900 lbs & able to go up and down ramps . And as for the tongue I'd like to be able to fold it back to where she can use it to transport her back and forth as she has trouble walking. It would probably need to be able to run at least for 3to 4 miles in t day . Thanks

A 1000 Watt gear motor along with a top speed gearing of around 3 MPH is needed for this type of wagon. Here is the calculation:

This calculator can be found on our Motor Power Calculator page.

Our kit item # KIT-481000G-20 would be suitable for this project:

The 48V 50Ah battery pack in KIT-481000G-20 is estimated to provide a 153 minute runtime on flat ground with some hills which sounds like more than you need. A 48 Volt 35Ah battery pack is estimated to provide a 100 minute runtime on flat ground with some hills which sounds closer to what you need. These runtime calculations are made on our battery pack ride time calculator on this page:

If you are interested in KIT-481000G-20 however with a 35Ah battery pack then please create a support ticket and request new version of the KIT-481000G-20 with a 35Ah battery pack.

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