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Throttle Dies on Bodo EV Hurricane 72V Electric Scooter

I own a 72 Volt hurricane classic. For full specs see link.

My issue is while driving. Lights run, battery is full charge, within four kilometers of driving the throttle loses power completely. Lights remain on. If i turn the lights off, power is restored to the throttle. It has been to 2 separate ebike mechanics in my area and no one can fix this issue... 

Does anyone have any insight on this??? 

I towed a 1 ton trailer and blew out my controller (96v)... the hub can take a good beating.. I think that is the only thing that came from china that electrical made that did not blow up with the controller.. I was showing off and only got 4 blocks with a custom hitch lol.. I'll keep tabs on this topic if you have problems down the road or hit me up ehcanadian83 at gmail dot com and I can attach pictures here or via email if you have questions.. Not much I have not done to the bike lol

I'll send you an email. Love to keep in touch just to shoot shot about ebikes regardless of issues. 

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