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Replacement pedals for BAJA BE500?

I purchased, second hand, an electric BAJA BE500.  I never used the pedals, as it didn't have them upon purchase.  Now I have moved to a state (Arizona) which requires the pedals to register it as an electric assist bicycle.  Other wise, it's considered a motorcycle, and I'd have to get a motorcycle license to ride it!  Can you tell me where I can find replacement pedals, or some other brand of pedal that may work?

The BAJA 500 electric scooter uses common bicycle pedals however I do not know what size the threads are on its pedals. Most pedals have either 9/16", 1/2", or metric threads. A local bicycle store can figure out what size it needs and should have or be able to get the right size pedals for it.

If you find the right pedals for it at a bike store then it would be great if you could post their thread size here on this forum so other people who have BAJA 500 scooter and need pedals for it will know which size it takes.

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