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scooter won't run

I have a 800W Electric moped, I have charge the batteries for days, I put the key in with charger still on and it shows full power, I take charge off and turn key on and it goes flat no power the moped does not move!

The problem could be a loose battery pack wiring harness connector that is detached from or not making good contact with one of the battery leads, or the other end of the battery pack wiring harness connector may not be making good contact the with main wiring harness or with the controller. The wiring harness could also have a broken wire in it. The other possibility is that the battery pack or one of the batteries in the battery pack is worn out or faulty.

I would check the wiring harness and its connections first and if they are all good then next I would test the Voltage of each battery to see if all or one of them has a low Voltage level. The batteries in the pack should be at around 13 Volts per battery. If all or any of the batteries have a low Voltage reading then the battery pack may be old, worn out, or faulty and needs to be replaced.

Please let us know how it goes.

I had the batteries checked by a power pro said all battery were fine!

It sounds more like like a wiring harness or wiring harness connector problem then. I would start by checking the Voltage at the end of the battery pack wiring harness that is opposite from the batteries. There should be Voltage present at that connector. If there is no Voltage at that connector then the problem has to be somewhere between it and the batteries. If there is Voltage present at the end of the battery pack wiring harness connector then the problem could be with the main wiring harness, or with the controller if the battery pack harness connector plugs directly into the controller.

Please let us know how it goes.

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