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60 volt scooter throttle gets stuck at high speed

when going at full throttle it gets stuck and I have to brake to turn it off, then it seems to work, do I need to sync the new 2000 watt controller with the 60 volt motor? and how do I do that. the controller does have some learning wires.

could the hall sensors be bad, I know this is a lot of questions but my 15 year old son is driving it and it seems dangerous that the throttle gets stuck.


This is the first time I have heard of this type of problem so it is new to me. Since the full throttle issue resolves after using the brake it sounds like a controller problem to me. I know that some controllers have learning wires to train them to work with the motor however I do not know if doing this will help with the stuck throttle problem, it might be worth trying though.

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