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e scooter

just a word I have a pulse scoot which have fitted 2 front wheels this is as a84 yr old to help my balance as we have limited access to down town Auckland now due to electric train extensions I got the idear from those who exited from the car park on scooters this is going to go on for 3 to 4 yrs and it beats walking and is more convienent in the train or the lift and is better than a e bike to cart around the axel could have been a bit longer but with a bit of ingenuity I will manage I thought this might be handy for other customers who want to do the same thing so will pass this on  thanks once again  david  white Auckland nz

Thanks for sharing your Pulse electric scooter modification with us David. Installing two front wheels on the scooter must really help a lot with balancing the scooter. Great to hear that you are able to modify the scooter to fit your needs.

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