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e-Scooter electric scooter repair help.

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Just Acquired these 2 little scooters and need help getting parts...The silver one does not start but it may have a dead battery and do not have the charger, everything else seems to be in good shape , wheels look good, etc...but I can not find any info on what kind it is when I search Hotrod SS Scooter 2004..need guidance on manual and parts for this little scooter if someone can help me identify it.

The red one I found in my search, it looks like it may have been a recalled Target scooter. The front tire is basically coming of the rim, i don't have a charger but it does have a little juice in it so it does run. Not sure how fast it is supposed to go. Any info and guidance on where I can find info on repair and parts would be appreciated. Thank You..Angel

Both of those scooters are E-Scooter types with dolphin bodies. These type of scooters were sold under hundreds of different names however they are all basically the same scooter. Different versions of them have slightly different parts but they all generally use the same parts. We have parts for E-Scooter electric scooters on this page:

Many of these types of scooters did not come with owners manuals however the owners manual for the Scoot-N-Go is available and covers most models of E-Scooters. Here is a link to it:

Most dolphin body E-Scooters are 24 Volts and have two 12 Volt 12Ah batteries, however a small percent of them are 36 Volts and have three 12 Volt batteries. The number of batteries in the scooter should be counted to determine the scooter's Voltage before purchasing a battery charger for them.

The red scooter which runs a little is the best one get running first because you know that it works. Since it already runs all it will need are new batteries and a charger. Even though the batteries that are in it now have a little power left in them, they are almost surely to be worn out or damaged from not being recharged on a regular basis. You could get a charger and try to recharge them and see how much ride time they will provide though.

The silver scooter which does not run at all will be a little more difficult to diagnose since it is not running. What I would do, if both scooters have the same number of batteries, is to recharge or replace the batteries in the red scooter and then move them over to and try them in the silver scooter to see if it runs. If the silver scooter runs with good batteries in it then you will know that all it needs is a set of new batteries. If it does not run with good batteries in it then it will require further troubleshooting. A good place to start with troubleshooting is our electric scooter troubleshooting wizard at this link:

We also have a more comprehensive troubleshooting guide at this link:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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