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 Our CRAZY KART is not working proplerly!  We've had it for a couple years now and never had any problems out of it until today.  When my son got on it and pressed the pedal, it barely moved.  The wheel was probably doing one rotation every 2-3 seconds (and if your wondering; my son is a little guy; maybe 50 lbs?). It moves just enough to say "its moving"!  I took it inside and propped it up off the ground and hit the accelerator.  The wheel was flying! I dont know how fast it was actually going, but it sure didnt look like it had any problems.  I had my son get on it again to see if it was good to go; and alas, it did the exact same thing it did when we first went outside! DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA WHATS GOING ON OR HOW TO FIX IT?!?!  PLEASE HELP ME!!

Since the Crazy Cart is a couple of years old chances are very high that the battery pack has worn out. The normal lifespan of a battery pack is 2 to 3 years or 300 discharge and recharge cycles, whichever comes first. When a battery pack wears out it will work exactly like you described. If the battery pack has never been replaced before then I would assume due to its age that it is the problem and go ahead and replace it.

                  Razor Crazy Cart Battery

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