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Razor 325 is not running

I have a Razor E325 that stopped running a couple of days ago.  I originally thought it was the battery so I replaced both of those.  The Battery switch lights up and the charger is green lit so I the battery is filly charged.  The problem is that the motor will not engage even while holding the back end up.  What part or parts could be causing this? 

It could be a faulty brake lever switch. The first thing I would do is unplug the brake lever switch connector from the controller and see if it runs then. If that does not help then I would short the pins inside of the brake switch connector on the controller side and see if it runs then. Older model Razor E325 scooters have normally open brake switches and newer models may have normally closed brake switches, so testing with the controller's brake switch wires both open and closed is required to see if the problem is the brake switch.

If it is determined that the brake switch is not the problem then the problem could be the power switch (could still be faulty if it lights up), throttle, or controller. Usually it is something simple like a brake lever switch or power switch, however sometimes it could also be the throttle or controller.

If the scooter has battery level lights on the throttle then these lights can be used to determine if the power switch is working. If the switch works then the lights on the throttle will illuminate when the power is on. Later model E325 scooters have throttles without power meters though. A multimeter is required to test the power switch's continuity on later model E325 scooters to determine if the switch is good or bad.

Please let us know how it goes.

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