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Crazy kart

Purchased crazy kart at Christmas for my son aged 8 and it has just stopped working. Took of the side panels and checked all wires and they are fine. Also the green light on the charger is indicating that the charge is fine. When I push the pedal I hear clicking noise coming from the module do you think this needs a new module ?? Can someone help pleas or suggest what to do next as my son loves it and on my case every day. Thanks Lee

When the controller makes a clicking sound and the motor does not run that is most commonly due to a faulty battery pack. However it could less likely be a faulty controller as well.

To test which part is faulty the probes of a multimeter set to DC Volts need to be touching the battery pack leads when the Crazy Cart's power switch is on. Then the Voltage level of the battery pack needs to be read as the throttle is being pressed.

The battery pack should be at around 25-27 Volts when the throttle is not being pressed, and should not drop under 24 Volts when the throttle is pressed. If the battery pack Voltage is under 24 Volts to start with, or if it drops under 24 Volts with the throttle pressed then the battery pack is not putting out enough Voltage to power the motor.

This could be due to a worn out or faulty battery pack, or a faulty battery charger which is not recharging the battery pack, or a faulty battery charger port which is not properly connecting the charger to the battery pack.

Hopefully this helps to point you in the right direction to troubleshoot which part needs to be replaced. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi checked the battery on my kids crazy Kart and its charge is 26.4 when I press the pedal 26.3 therefore I don't think it's the battery. I have noticed when I turn the steering at 9.45 position its goes sideways but forward reverse no joy. Do u think it could be the module ?? Regards Lee

If the motor runs when the steering wheel is in a certain position, and does not run when the steering wheel is in another position then the problem is a broken wire between the motor and the motor wire connector. These wires often break from being flexed so much when the wheel is being turned. The copper wire strands will break under the plastic wire insulation so it might not be obvious. The wire may need to be flexed inch by inch by hand until the weak spot with less resistance then the rest of the wire is detected.  The broken wire can be repaired by spicing it back together or replacing the broken section of wire.

Ok will check tonight and reply back thanks again.

Regards Lee

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