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Mx350 wiring controller

I have a mx350 Razor electric motor bike with a controller that has 13 wires. Can someone tell me how to wire this up? In advance - thanks for the assistance

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The Razor MX350 electric dirt bike version 1 through 32 has a controller with 13 wires that is used on its versions both with variable speed control (version 1-8), and without variable speed control (version 8-32). Version 33 and up has non variable speed control along with a controller that has 14 wires. The 13 wire controllers with variable speed control have red, black, green, and gray wires going to their throttle connector, and the 13 wire controllers with on/off non variable speed control have two yellow, one red, and one green wire wires going to their throttle connector. Both of these 13 wire controllers are wired the same with the only difference being the throttles that are used with them.

We have wiring diagrams available that show how to wire these controllers to the other parts of the electrical system for all versions of the Razor MX350 dirt bike available on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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