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Rear tire is loose chain keeps coming loose

My tire (rear) is loose then the chain keeps falling off. So i took everything off the tire to so whats up then tightened it back on. Scooter was flipped over so i tested to see what was up. Tried to start it and it didnt want to go then the chain fell off. Mainly tire is loose chain is loose then falls off Tire is to tight the chain is on scooter doesnt move the rear tire.

A chain that falls off could be caused by a misalignment between the motor sprocket and the rear wheel sprocket. Both of these sprockets need to be in close to perfect alignment in order for the chain to stay on.

If the sprocket alignment is good then loose chain tension usually will not cause the chain too fall off unless the chain tension is extraordinarily loose. The chain tension should not bee too tight either or else that will cause the chain and sprockets, plus wheel and motor bearings to prematurely wear out. On electric scooters that have #25 chain there should be around 1/4 to 1/2 inch of play in the chain in order for it to have proper tension.

If the sprocket alignment is good and the chain tension is within specifications however the chain still falls off, then the chain and sprockets are worn out and will need to be replaced. When replacing these parts the chain and both sprockets should all be replaced at the same time with new parts. The reason for this is because if you put a new chain on old sprockets it might fall off when the scooter is being driven and it will wear out faster than normal. And if you install new sprockets and use the old chain then that could also cause the chain to fall off and the new sprockets will wear out faster than normal.

What kind of motor sprocket motor Bearings also sprocketd would i need. #25 guessing the chain i need

check the swing arm also and see if there are threaded holes for axle shaft keepers

Hi Mariah, I can lookup which sprockets and chain your scooter needs. Do you know what brand and model the scooter is?
Its a freedom scooter. My video is to long so i cant post it. If u have fb. U can find it on there shantayemariah
Darrell i live in iowa. They dont have a store that will touch a electric scooter. I got have anyone that knows about them just that it has a motor and it will go. Lol. I dont drive or have someone to take me to a shop 1 hour away.
This is what it looks like. I have the red one.

Thanks for attaching the photo of your scooter. That is a Freedom brand dolphin body electric scooter. If your scooter had 12-1/2" wheels then I could be fairly sure what size sprockets and chain it uses however since it has 9" wheels I am not sure because that is a less common wheel size for those scooters.

To determine which sprockets your scooter has I recommend counting the number of teeth on the sprockets and then matching them with the #25 chain sprockets on this page:

The chain that your scooter uses is #25 heavy-duty. The number of links that the old chain has will need to be counted in order to know what size replacement chain to purchase. Remember to count one chain link per space in the chain that a sprocket tooth goes into when counting the links. #25 heavy-duty chain sold by the link is available on this page:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

So my friend told me i should just buy a new rear wheel tire. With everything. Also looks like the spaces dont fit. Now he wants to make sure he is ordering the right part. He thinks the aluminum wharped. What not. I need to know what wheel to ordee so i wont have to wait forever
Freedom scooters is no longer in business so OEM replacement wheels with everything included are not available. If you need a replacement wheel the best thing to do is try to match up a rim that looks identical to the existing one, and them swap over all of the other parts from the old wheel.

We might have the rim that you need on our site. Here is a link to our electric scooter wheels and rims page:
I know. I have saw this. I believe it is the same as my rear tire
The tires on your scooter look to be 9x3.5-4 to me and not 200x50 (8x2). I recommend reading the size on the sides of the tires to confirm what size they are. The screenshot you attached shows 200x50 (8x2) wheels instead of 9x3.5-4.

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