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control box electric razor mini chopper

When applying the throttle is the control box meant to make a clicking sound. ..

The Razor Mini Chopper's control box (speed controller / control module) makes a clicking sound when the throttle is applied however the clicking sound normally can not be heard because the motor starts running at the same time and is louder than the clicking sound.

If the motor does not not run when the throttle is applied and a clicking sound can be heard coming from the control box that is usually caused by old, worn out, or faulty batteries.

If the battery pack's Voltage drops under 23 Volts when the throttle is applied then the controller will click but it will not send any power to the motor. This is a safety feature of the controller which turns off the motor when the battery pack Voltage drops under a safe level for the battery pack, and is meant to prolong the life of the battery pack by not allowing it to be over-discharged.

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