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problems connecting throttle wires

Hey guys I am having some serious problems installing my throttle to my electric bike. I use the bike as a commuter to work and back and really need it working again and have been struggling with this for a while. I cannot seem to figure out where the wires go. I know my controller has the throttle connector with the three small wires, but where do I connect the two larger wires? I hope there is an easy solution. Thanks so much for the help guys. I attached pictures to help aid the process.


Hi Zack, we would need to see the wiring directions for the controller, or if they are not available then a photo of all of the connectors and wires on the controller. Then we should be able to determine where the THR-115K throttle's two thick power switch/battery indicator wires go.

Do you have wiring directions for the controller or a photo of it showing all of the connectors and wires?

Thanks so much. Here is a diagram matching my controller. Do you think the thick yellow throttle wire goes to the brack-hi cable and the thick red one goes to the lock cable?

The way that most brushless controllers are made is that the red "Lock Cable" wire connects to the battery pack's positive wire to turn the controller on. On this controller the thin red "Lock Cable" wire would need to make contact with the thick red "Power Cable" wire in order to turn the controller on. 

To wire this controller to the THR-115K throttle the throttle's thick red wire would connect to the controller's thick red "Power Cable" wire, and the throttle's thick yellow wire would connect to the controller's thin red "Lock Cable" wire.

Please let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the help.I went ahead and tried it that way but the bike is still not powering on. I connected the thick yellow wire (48 v output from switch) to the lock cable on the controller and connected the three small wires to the three small throttle cable on the controller. I do not think there is anything wrong with the battery or any other wiring as the vpower lithium is fairly new that I have been using.

I guess to give you some background on the bike... It was working like a charm when it shut off while riding one day. Seemed like I needed a new controller so I got a new one and a new throttle to go with it. 

Any idea why it is not working? i also tried to connect the other thick cable (48 v input for battery meter/switch) directly to the red wire from the battery but that did not work either. I am kind of reaching a dead end on this.


There is also a phase cable that includes a small red and a black wire coming from the controller. I wonder if I should try connecting the two bigger wires (48 v input and output) from the throttle to this phase cable?


I would start by contacting the "Lock Cable" wire directly to the red "Power Cable" wire to bypass the switch in the throttle, that way the throttle switch is out of the equation for testing.

If that does not work then I would test the Voltage of the battery pack. The controller's label states that the battery pack needs to be at 43 Volts or above. If the battery pack is at or under 42 Volts then the controller will not operate the motor. The battery pack Voltage test should be done with the controller on and throttle engaged.

The controller's phase cable wires should go to the same color phase cable wires on the motor, I do not recommend connecting them to the battery pack wires because they should be for hall sensors in the motor. Some brushless motor controller are required to be used with brushless motors that have phase sensors, while others do not. If your motor does not have phase sensor wires then I would ask the store that the controller was purchased from to confirm it is compatible with brushless motors that do not have phase sensors.

Please let us know how it goes.

hi everyone will be starting a new mod soon .just wanted to know how to wire these 2 throttles to this brushless controller cant make up my mind which throttle to use .the one with 7 wires has a red button for low speed and high speed.thanks

I have a 48 - 64 v 1500 watts speed controller. You seem to have the same controller wirings that i have. I have the same problem to connect the three throttle wires from the speed controller to four wired connector from my e-bike's throttle. still working on it. One thing though, the motor would not turn unless the anti theft (both) wirings are connected to their respective connectors.  

hi syed instructions with my controller say only 4 groups of wires need to be connected for the scooter to does not mention the anti theft wires .will try and post a photo of the instructions

Hi Mohammedali, I am not familiar with the wire colors of the throttle with the white connectors so I can not advise on how to wire it to the controller. I can only offer advice on wiring the IMG0498 throttle with the black connector and two metal terminals.

I notice that the controller does not have a connector for a power switch so if you want to use the IMG0498 throttle's switch as the power switch then it would need to go through a power relay in order to be used with the controller. If this is what you want to do then it would be wired like this.


 Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi Syed, I am in agreement with Mohammedali about the anti-theft wires because every controller I have seen does not require the anti-theft connectors to be connected to anything in order for the controller to operate. Since your throttle has four wires then three of the wires will go to the controller's throttle connector and one of the wires should be for a battery indicator light on the throttle. If you could let us know what the colors of the four throttle wires are then I could see if they match up to any standard throttles to advise on how to connect them to the controller.

my controller instructions say .controller has 4 groups of necessary cables .power cables,e-lock cables,throttle cables and motor phase cables once these 4 groups have been connected e-bike will run normally.syed you should disconnect the anti theft wires and see if that helps

hi esp what voltage and ampage should the relay have.will a 48v 40amp relay work .the motor is brushless 1600w not sure about the amps.

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