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problems connecting throttle wires

Hey guys I am having some serious problems installing my throttle to my electric bike. I use the bike as a commuter to work and back and really need it working again and have been struggling with this for a while. I cannot seem to figure out where the wires go. I know my controller has the throttle connector with the three small wires, but where do I connect the two larger wires? I hope there is an easy solution. Thanks so much for the help guys. I attached pictures to help aid the process.


Hi Mohammedali, a 48V 40A relay should work however I recommend using a 48V 60A relay instead to be on the safe side.

thank you esp ,will let you know how it goes 

hi esp the key switch works just as you said it would ,the only problem now is its way to fast at take off enough to throw me off if yanked back i will try the original one which is a stock evo 48v throttle comes with turbo switch.but i dont know which wire on this throttle are for the turbo button highspeed and lowspeed need help on this one somebody out there must know which wires are low and high speed.yellow+green or brown+grey.

Hi Mohammedali, we do not have a throttle with those same wire colors so I do not have a wiring directions sheet to match it up to. To figure out how the wires react to the positions of the switch, the wires could be tested for continuity with a multimeter to determine which ones open and close when the switch is in its different positions.

thank you esp i will give that a try.

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