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Lighting issues

I just bought a Emmo Knight e-bike about 2 weeks ago. One evening, I noticed the headlight wasn't working, so I took inside streets and pathways to get myself home. After doing some trouble shooting, I noticed the headlight, tail light, turn signals and horn do not work. However, when the kick stand is down, the brake light automatically turns on. That is actually normal, as it also cuts off power to the motor. Here's the tricky part. I also did notice that when I hold down either the front brake or rear brake, they all start working again. Again, this is only when the kick stand is down. I took a look at all the connectors, but they all seem fine. However, I also did notice that there are 2 wires coming out of the controller that do not plug into anything. I'm assuming they are for accessories that my bike doesn't have. Any idea what I should be looking into next? 

Thank you once again.

It sounds like the Emmo Knight Ebike has a complex electrical system with the lighting controlled by a microcontroller (small computer). The first thing that I would do is disconnect the battery pack from the scooter and leave it disconnected for 10 minutes or longer to let the computer reset itself. Then reconnect the battery pack and see if the lights and horn work properly then.

If that does not help then I would check to see if the bike has any relays and if it does then gently tap on the relays while the scooter and its lights are on to see if that helps. I would also check to see if it has a fuse box or an area where fuses are located and test all of the fuses to make sure they are good.

Please let us know how it goes.

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