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Wiring on a throttle that is red, green, and yellow??

 I have a Half Length Twist Throttle that id missing the connector that has red, green, and a yellow wiring, im assuming the red is the + not sure of the others. is has markings that say Currie and  i believe it cane off a mongoose M350 , any ideas would be helpful.  Also does any one know how and why or what can go bad on a throttle. 

I have a zappy pro flex , it would not go , I ordered a throttle and pluged it in and it ran , I drove about a block and it quit ?everything throttle. Ground good , blue wire has 5 volts going in but nothing coming out green ? Does anyone have an idea ?
Throttles that have red, green, and yellow wires are designed as follows:

Red = +5V Input
Yellow = Ground
Green = 1-4V Output

The reason that most throttles stop working is because of something physical instead of electrical, such as a magnet that has come unglued inside of it, or a broken wire inside the cable, or a loose connection between the wires and sensor inside of the throttle. Sometime the Hall-effect sensor inside of the throttle will fail also, however that is less common.
Regarding the Zappy Pro Flex scooter, if the throttle has + 5 Volts going into it, good ground, and no output Voltage then the throttle has failed. The failure could be from a factory defect, or from a short inside of the controller which is feeding positive Voltage or ground to the throttle intermittently, like when going over a bump when riding.

I would take a look inside of the controller to make sure there is nothing there out of place, and if everything looks good inside of the controller then I would replace the throttle and try again.

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