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Replacement tire for Fiik Street Surfer 9x3.5-4

Hi All:

I would like to buy a new set of tires for a Fiik "Street Surfer" electric skateboard. The tires are 9x3.5-4, and look like this The tires use tubes.

Looks like Item # TIR-9X3.5-4 would be a suitable replacement. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance for help!

Hi Bob,

I just checked and our 9x3.5-4 tires looks the same as the 9x3.5-4 tire in the link above. All 9x3.5-4 tires are the same size so our 9x3.5-4 tire will be a suitable replacement for your electric skateboard.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply!

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