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How do I test Ground Force controller and 6 wire throttle?

 My Razor GF v 13+ does not run.  The batteries and motor check out and all the power wires from the controller are good.  However, I am trying to figure out how to fully test the controller/throttle so i can isolate what I need to replace.



Here is a Razor Ground Force version 13+ wiring diagram with directions for testing the throttle and controller. The directions are in green boxes on the wiring diagram.

These controller and throttle testing directions assume that the battery pack has been load tested and does not drop to less than 23 Volts when under load, and that the brake lever switch, power switch, fuse, wiring harness, and motor are good.

Please let us know how it goes.

I attached the testing directions here in case they are too small to read in the reply above.
Thanks for the reply!  I'll give it a shot later today.


OK, on pins 1 & 2 there is 4.35 v

On pins 2 & 3 it ranges from .81v (no throttle) to 3.56v (full throttle)

My batteries are 13.0v each and n26.0 v in series.  I'm not sure how I can test under a load as the motor doesn't run.  I hooked the batteries to the motor directly and the motor runs.

So the first test (pins 1 and 2) indicates that the controller is working, and the second test indicates that the throttle is working.  So I'm not sure what to look at now.   ?????


I just hooked the battery directly to the motor and the voltage was 24.5v while the motor was running.  So just a 1.5v drop.


Since the battery pack is not dropping under 23 Volts while it is under load that points towards it being good and not causing the problem.

Your test results indicate that the controller is outputting power to the throttle, and that the throttle is working (0.8V through 3.5V is a normal output for a throttle). This points towards the controller being faulty. A faulty controller usually still provides power to the throttle, but not to the motor.

Before replacing the controller I would disconnect the brake lever switch connector from the controller to make sure it is not causing the problem. Often times a brake lever switch will fail and lock into the on position which tells the controller to turn off the motor.

Some of the newest model Razor vehicles have normally closed brake switches. I am not aware that the newest Ground Force go karts do but just in case it would be a good idea to jump the controller's brake switch leads together to simulate a normally closed brake switch. This way the controller's brake switch connector has been tested in the open and closed positions to eliminate any chance that the brake switch is causing the problem.

If the kart still does not run with the controller's brake switch connector in the open and closed positions then that points towards a faulty controller. We sell a lot of controllers for Razor Ground Force go karts so they are a part with a high failure rate.

Most people just take a guess and throw new parts at their Razor go karts hoping they will solve the problem, and you have thoroughly tested the parts and can now make an educated decision as to which one to replace.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks.  I had pulled the brake switch earlier so I know that's not a problem.  I previously tested for output to the motor earlier and didn't get a proper reading, but I wanted to test the throttle to isolate that.  As you suggested, it looks like a controller.  Looks like I'll be ordering one from you shortly.

Thanks for all the help!


Did you ever happen to figure this out? My son was riding this today and went to let his brother have a turn and it would not work, Ive done the test with very similar results, any help is much appreciated.thanks

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