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Go-Bowen Startup Speed too fast

I have a new Go-Bowen 48v 1000w Performance scooter. Everything about it is great except for the throttle startup.  It's just too fast.  How can I reduce the startup speed.  I want the scooter to crawl abit before accellerating.  Could a modification be done without replacing the speed controller?

When I first read your post the first thing I though was that the scooter may have a brushless motor. Then I did some research online and found the the Go-Bowen 48 Volt 1000 Watt Performance electric scooter was made with both brushed and brushless motors. The newer models appear to have the brushless motors and the older versions have the brushed motors.

I am thinking that you may have the newer version with a brushless motor. Brushed motors have two thick wires, while brushless motors have three thicker wires and five thin wires.

Most brushless motors do not like to be ran at very low RPMs so the controllers paired with them often start these type of motors at a speed which will not damage them. If your scooter has a brushless motor this might explain why the startup speed is so fast. There are brushless controllers available which start motors at a slow speed, however since the scooter's controller starts the motor at a fast speed the likely reason for that is to not damage the motor. I see that the Go-Bowen 48V 1000W Performance scooter is geared for a fairly high top speed which is most likely the reason for the fast startup speed being designed into it.

In order to use a controller with a slower startup speed and to not damage the motor the gearing may need to be lowered to the top speed is slower. This will put less of a load on the motor at startup so it can be ran at a lower starting speed RPM.

Also, if you can live with a lower top speed then lowering the gearing would also provide a slower startup speed without changing the controller. To lower the gearing a larger wheel sprocket would need to be installed, along with a longer chain.

Unfortunately none of the brushless controllers that I have seen have specifications on their startup speed, so it might take a little trial and error to find one that will provide the startup speed that you would like the scooter to have.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Problem solved.  My scooter has a dual speed switch. It also has a brushless motor.

None  of this is in the Go-Bowen documentation.  I learned about this by tracing all the wires at the controller.  The brushless motor has three heavy gauge wires for the three phase motor operation.  It also has five finer gauge wires for the Hall sensors in the motor.  Two of the fine wires are for the Hall sensors supply---battery minus and plus 5 volts (the minimum voltage is 4.3 volts).  The other three wires are the sense lines from the Hall devices going to the controller.  You can check the voltage to the Hall devices at the connector.  Use an analog voltmeter.  You can also check it the Hall devices are outputing pulses.  To do this check, raise the scooters rear tire off the floor. Place the voltmeter minus lead to the battery minus pin at the connector and the positive lead to one of the sense pins.  Manually rotate the rear tire while watching the voltmeter.  The voltage should go from zero volts to plus five volts and back to zero volts (this is the pulse).  Repeat this procedure with the other two sense lines. 

I was just wondering if the scooter's top speed is slower with the dual speed switch turned on?

I don't know.  I'm not planning to run it at top speed.  I don't think this scooter was designed for street use. It looks like it was designed for off-street or off-road use.  I like the scooter though. It's well built.  I'm still learning how to use it.  I have a problem maintaining my balance.  Its like learning how to ride a bike.  In time l'll get the hang of it.

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