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City Bug rear tire replacement instructions(?)

I have a City Bug scooter that gets frequent use. After years of faithful service, I finally had a flat on the rear tire. It seems that the tire was worn thin and the tube popped. When I look at the rear tire assembly, I can't visualize how to get the rear wheel off to replace the tire/tube. Does anyone have any specific instructions, pics or video on disassembling to rear assembly to remove the tire and tube for replacement. Thank you. Jeff

I notice that nobody has responded to this topic yet so I though I should reply even though I do not have a specific answer.

I imagine that once the plastic body was removed then it would become more apparent how to remove the rear wheel. The rear wheel should have an axle with two bolts that are loosened to remove the wheel. On most electric scooters the frame has a channel that the axle slides into, and when the axle nuts are loosened the entire wheel can be pushed or pulled through this channel to remove the wheel.

If you still are not able to remove the wheel then you are welcome to insert or attach some photos of it and then I should be able to provide a more specific answer.

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