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Triaxe mobility scooter

Has anyone purchased one of these Triaxe scooters? The unit is impressive and claims a top speed of 9 mph, a range of up to 35 miles, 50 to 60 pounds weight and is capable of fitting into a standard car trunk. I just purchased one for my wife.

I purchased it from Progress Mobility out of Florida. I have some minor issues with it and have been unable to reach their service tech.

Are the 48 volt lithium ion systems DC throughout? Or is there an inverter in the control unit maybe, that converts it to AC?

I need to troubleshoot an LED headlamp that hasn't worked since we got it.

I don't want to chance messing up my meter.

I have never seen a scooter that converts its DC power to AC power, so I think it would be safe to test with your meter set to DC. Arguably scooters with brushless motors will have their DC power converted to AC through their controller to run the brushless motor, but that is another topic altogether.

Even if AC power was tested with the multimeter set to DC Voltage that should not harm the meter because multimeters are designed to detect if power is AC or DC by testing the power with the meter in either AC or DC mode.

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