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Razor Pocket Mod Will not run with weight

We have a Razor Pocket Mod Bella that will run fine when on the kickstand but as soon as my 40lbs daughter gets on it, the wheel stops spinning and does not go anywhere. I have tested the batteries under load and they are testing at around 26 volts. I have hard wired the motor to the batteries directly and the motor seems to be functioning as it should. I have tested the connections that supply power to the motor from the control module and it is reading at about 5 volts. Please advise as to what parts I will need to replace

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Usually when the wheel spins off of the ground but then stops spinning when it is on the ground with a rider on the scooter it is because of old, worn out, or faulty batteries. When you performed the battery pack load test was the scooter on the ground with a rider on it and the throttle at full position?

I did not test them the way you suggested, I will give that a try and get back to you. We also have a Razor E100 that works as it should. Can I swap the batteries from the E100 into the Pocket Mod temporarily to help diagnose the problem?

Some E100 battery packs have the same connector on it as the Pocket Mod scooters do, so it may or may not fit not depending on the versions of both scooters. If the battery pack connectors are identical and the red and black wires go to the same terminals on the connectors, then the E100 battery pack can be used to test a Pocket Mod.

Please let us know how it goes.

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