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Do I need to upgrade my controller

Hi, I have read both, that I need to, and don't need to upgrade my controller if I'm adding a 12 c battery from 48 to 660on my 500 watt electric scooter. Can someone tell me? ThAnks. I have a pic of mine here.
If I understand correctly the breaker is tripping as soon as the final battery connection is made, and not when the scooter is being driven. Assuming that the polarity is correct between the battery pack and controller then if the circuit breaker is blowing when the final connection of the battery pack is made that indicates a possible short circuit in the wiring between the breaker and controller, or internal problem with the controller. When circuit breakers wear out their trip rating does not change by that much, so installing a breaker with higher Amp rating probably would not help. A 48 Volt scooter with 500 Watt motor usually uses a 30 or 32 Amp breaker, when overvolting a 48V 500W motor to 60V its new power output becomes 830 Watts so a 50 Amp breaker would be needed. If changing from a 30 to 50 Amp breaker the wiring between the batteries and controller should be a minimum of 12 gauge so if it has thinner wire then that it should be upgraded at that time.
I wired like it shows in this image. When I go to turn the circuit breaker on it trips and stays off. When I unhooked the 5th battery the scooter ran just fine. The breaker is a 26 amp. You figure I need a 50 amp one?
Could I use an automotive circuit breaker in my electric scooter? Like the one pictured ? Or do I need to use the same type that is in there like the ones in houses?
I do not recommend using a self-resetting circuit breaker like the one in the attached photo because it will reset without giving any warning which can be dangerous on an electric scooter. You really want to be in control of when the circuit breaker resets so you can make sure everything is okay after it is reset.

If the breaker is immediately tripping when the fifth battery is connected then the fifth battery may possibly not be wired in the correct polarity with the other four batteries. I would check to see which wire under the seat goes to the positive output lead from the 48 Volt battery pack and make sure that this wire goes to the negative post on the fifth battery.
Yeah, you were right. I used my multimeter and polarity was wrong. So, I correctly wired it. I need a breaker, 40 or 50 amp. But, I wouldn't doubt it would blow the controller soon after. I'm just gonna be happy with my 48 volt system. I mean, it's so reliable, compared to anything out there, no pollution. Its great great. I like it just like my Kawasaki Ninja 750, lol. Thanks for all the help. I might need you in the future, cheers. Bobby.

yep that  battery pack  was wired in backwards. if you are going to up the voltage then up the controller also. I moded my Panterra fusion with a 1500 watt 48-72 voltage controller and I bought form ESP some wiring connectors and a throttle THR-122. the throttle has a 3 speed control switch at low speed I can cruise at 20mph all day and at high speed it can cruise at 30mph easy. but I have hills around my house and high speed allows me to climb them good. the only down fall is that the motor heats up at high speed since it is still 750 watts so I limit high speed to climbing hills only. medium gets me 25mph too but you limit yourself to the laws of the state you live in and the cops won't mess with you much. Now I have not wired in any extra batteries yet but I let you know what happens then.

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