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CNX-05M Male Connector configuraton

I purchased a number of the subject terminals because the photo depiction on your website shows two small square tabs at the base of the spade which was the configuration that I was looking for.  When I received the order yesterday, the terminals do not have these square tabs. Compare your website photo to your stock and you'll see what I mean. Had I known this, I would have purchased these locally. Thank you.

I researched this today and found that we ordered the right male terminals however we received the wrong male terminals and did not notice the difference since it is such a small part.

I am reording the correct male terminals with square tabs at the base today and am sending the photo below to our supplier to make sure that they send us the right ones this time. I expect that we will receive the correct terminals in around a week.

What would you like for us to do? We could send you 20 pieces of the correct terminals when they arrive, or issue a refund for the incorrect terminals that we sent you, or???

Thank you for the prompt response. You can send me the correct terminals when they arrive from your supplier and I'll be happy to send the 20 I have back to you if you wish. Thanks.
You are welcome, and thank you for your understanding. We will send you 20 pieces of the correct terminals as soon as they arrive from our supplier. We do not want or need for the incorrect terminals sent back to us, please keep them or recycle them if you wish. I will let you know when we get the correct terminals in stock so you will know when to expect their arrival.
Thank you for the prompt response and kind regard. Please keep me advised as to the arrival of the correct terminals.  Thank you again.
I just tracked the package of connectors and they should be here on Thursday. I will let you know as soon as they get here and are shipped to you.
Thank you very much for this important update
We got them in today and will mail you 20 pieces of them tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patients while we waited for them to arrive. We will email the new tracking number to you after they have been mailed.

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