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Salorr Scooter

I just got a Salorr scooter and I am trying to determine what model it is. I have the serial number and manufacture date but haven't been able to get anything with my searching. I need at least a charger and probably batteries and a few other miscellaneous parts but it would be nice to have a little information about it. Approximate distance, charging time, etc...

Salorr electric scooters are built with common Chinese electric scooter parts so their parts can be replaced without knowing the model number of the scooter. To determine which charger and batteries it needs the number of batteries and their Ah rating can be found by looking at the batteries in the pack. Once you have this battery information please let us know and we will be able to recommend a charger and batteries for it.

The distance or ride time that the scooter provides depends on the number of batteries and their Ah rating so we will be able to give you an estimate of the distance after we have a little more information about the batteries.

The time it takes to recharge the battery pack from a deep discharge is usually around five to six hours. If the scooter is only used for a short amount of time then the time it takes to recharge the battery pack will be lower than this though. There are quick charging battery chargers available that will recharge the battery pack in two to three hours if you need to recharge it faster than the normal five to six hour time.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

It has 2 12 volt 12ah. I took one out to try and charge it separately and it is not taking a charge :( so I will have to replace the batteries as well as the charger. The port for charging on the scooter has three pins. I wanted to use the scooter to go to work as I only live about a mile from my job but there is a fairly steep hill in between my house and my work. 

The throttle handle does not umm, return, I guess is the best way to describe it. When you twist it and let go it stays where you twisted it to. Is there just a spring that needs to be replaced or would it be simpler to replace the entire throttle handle?

Thanks for all the help :)

Thanks for that information. The replacement batteries for your scooter are our item # BAT-12V12A, and the charger for it is our item # CHR-24V1.6A3P.  

With that size of battery pack the range of the scooter will be around 8 miles on flat ground. If the scooter will travel up some hills then the range will be lower than 8 miles, however a 1 mile trip with one fairly steep hill should be no problem for the battery pack to make it there and back on one charge.

If the throttle does not return back to its resting position after twisting it then it might have a broken spring, or it might just be sticking on the handlebar. If it has a broken spring then the throttle would need to be replaced because it usually can not be repaired. I would remove the throttle from the handlebar and see if the spring works then. If the throttle returns back to its resting position when it is not on the handlebar then the handlebar might just need to be cleaned and lightly greased before reinstalling the throttle back onto it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Do I have any options for batteries that would cover a little more distance? and would I need a different charger for them?

We do have batteries that are the exact same dimensions as the BAT-12V12A 12 Volt 12Ah batteries however they are rated at 12 Volt 15Ah. These 15Ah batteries will provide 20-25% more riding distance than the 12Ah batteries and the same charger can be used to recharge them. Here is a link to the page they are sold on:

I should have mentioned these 15Ah batteries as an option in my previous reply however it must have slipped my mind.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for all of you help! My throttle was just sticking on the handlebar and with a little grease works perfectly! I'll be ordering the batteries and charger this coming week!

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