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greetings.  I'm working on an old Eagle scooter which needs a speed controller.  Original controller is the elusive CT302S9.  A.  Anybody know a source for one? B.  I understand I can hotwire any controller with appropriate specs, but any suggestions on which to choose as I prefer to keep all functions happening thanks kevin

Update 1/1/2018: CT-302S9 controllers are now available on our 24 Volt Controllers page.

The CT302S9 controllers have not been made for many years now however there were a couple of different connector plans for them so even if a CT302S9 controller were available it might not have the same connectors that your original CT302S9 controller has. I checked and our controller item # SPD-24250 has all of the same functions as the CT-302S9 controller.

We have all of the same connectors available that the CT302S9 controller has which could be installed on the SPD-24250 controller, however I recommend changing the connectors on the scooter instead so the SPD-24250 will plug into the scooter without modifying its connectors. This way the next time a controller needs to be replaced a SPD-24250 can be used for a plug-and-play replacement.

Here is a link to wiring for the CT302S9 controller:

And here is the wiring link for the SPD-24250 controller:

Matching connectors for both of these controllers are available here:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We just purchased spd-24250 to replace our ct-302s9. I have the connectors but how to I change the 6 wire throttle plug so it works with the new 3 wire plug?
We special ordered CT-302S9 controllers this year so they are now available on our 24 Volt Controllers page. 

You are welcome to exchange the SPD-24250 controller for an SPD-CT302S9 controller if you wish, or the 6 wire throttle plug could be wired to the SPD-24250 controller as shown below.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

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