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Help! What ecu do i need?

Hi, Tried all the things in the trouble shooting guide to get my ryaca es 020 scooter moving but to no avail. The horn and lights are working but the power gauge isn't and nothing happens when the throttle is twisted. Batteries are good. Motors good. looked at the ecu and it's flashing red 8 times inside. This happens when everything other than the power supply is disconnected as well so I guess it isn't the brake switch. Can't find any info about the scooter online at all. I'm guessing it's the ecu so I'm looking for a replacement. The scooters 48v 500w. I've attached the pics of it. Thanks again. Totally new to this.

Our brushless DC motor controller item number SPD-48600BLDC will replace the controller in the photo that you attached. The SPD-48600BLDC controller has more connectors than the Ryaca ES-020 controller has, however most of these connectors do not need to be plugged into anything and are there just in case they are needed.

I have identified every wire and connector on your old controller however I am not exactly sure what the connector with two blue wires goes to. It most likely goes to the brake switch I would imagine. Wherever it goes to the SPD-36600BLDC will have a connector to replace it. Here is a link to the SPD-36600BLDC controller's wiring directions:

The SPD-36600BLDC controller is available on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

That's excellent, Thank you. The only thing is is I'm in the uk. Do you ship or do you know of anywhere in the uk that I could use? Thanks again

I do not know of any stores that sell this controller in the UK however we do ship our parts to the UK. Postage to the UK for this size of part will be fairly expensive though.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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