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Free eGo Bike

My eGo Bike scooter has been out of operation for years.  The batteries and controller no longer work, but all of the other parts appear to be fine.  I'm wondering if anyone knows of a school program I could donate it to (for the experience of replacing the guts), or some prospective user somewhere who wants a project.  I live in a woodsy part of Arkansas now, so even if I had it running, I wouldn't be able to use it much.  Anyone with ideas can email me at  I don't want to just toss this is the local recycling bin.   --CC

I changed the topic name from "eGo Bike" to "Free eGo Bike" to try to help find someone who wants it. If I was anywhere near Arkansas I would pick it up myself to restore.
Thank You!
Really, no one wants this as a project?  It's free.   --C


I would love to .. but i am from The Netherlands lol . Do u have a picture of the scooter ?

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