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TaoTao ATE501 not running right

I have a TaoTao ATE501 and last night I charged it over night and today when I went to ride it is not moving. I pull the throttle and it starts then stops like the battery is dead. I plugged the charger back in and the light turns green for fully charged. While up on the kickstand it runs but when lowered it does the same thing. Any help would be great. Thanks

This could be caused by a battery that has failed or a problem with the charger port or battery charger. It would take some testing to figure out which part is causing the problem.

When the scooter is on the ground and you pull the throttle and it start then stops the battery gauge should be dropping down near low which indicates that the battery pack is dropping Voltage under load. This is most commonly due to a faulty battery in the battery pack, however it could also be because a problem with the charger or charger port. If the charger light turns green for fully charged then usually the charger is working. If the charger light does not turn red for a moment after it is plugged in before it turns green then there is a good chance that the charger port or plug on the charger is not working. If the scooter was in our shop I would perform the following tests to determine the problem.

  • Test output Voltage of charger. If it has normal output Voltage (around 55 Volts) then it is working.
  • Test Voltage at charger port. If it has any Voltage at all then it is working. (Be careful not to short circuit the tester probes - wrap all but the probe ends with electrical tape).
  • Test the Voltage of each battery to see if one of them is lower than the others. Each fully charger battery should have between 13-14 Volts in it.
  • Individually load test the batteries or have them load tested at an auto parts (call first and ask if they will load test sealed lead acid batteries) or battery store like batteries plus. This is the only way to know for sure if one or more of the batteries is has failed.

If you do not have access to a multimeter to test the battery charger and charger port with then having the batteries load tested is the first thing that I would do.

Thank you so much for your help. I will check them all out before ordering new parts. I have another question. I also have a 700w 48v lipo battery scooter that is wrecked. If I change the back wheel out, and the controller would that work and what would I get out of the additional 200w power. What would it do for the bike?
Also one the batteries they are all registering at 14 except 1 which is at 11. They charging port is registering.
The battery with 11 Volts in it has a good chance of being faulty. I would have all of the batteries load tested next to see if any of them fail the load test. It is not completely necessary however would be a good idea to charge the battery with 11 Volts up to 14 Volts before the load test to make sure that the test results are as accurate as they can be. 12 Volt battery chargers charge to 13.8 Volts which is close enough. If none of the batteries fail the load test then the battery with 11 Volts should be charged up to around 14 Volts with a 12 Volt battery charger so that all of the batteries in the pack have relatively equal Voltages, otherwise the battery pack will be doomed to early failure due to unequal Voltages between the batteries, which keeps getting worse over time with very discharge and recharge cycle.

If the original 500 watt motor was replaced with a 700 Watt motor the bike may or may not have more power. The advertising regulations where these scooters are made are rarely enforced so the manufacturers and distributors can say that there scooters are just about any Wattage that they want to. Most of the brands are honest but you never know when one of them will call a 500 or 600 Watt motor a 700 Watt motor in order to try to sell more scooters. To know for certain you would have to do the motor, controller, and battery pack swap and give it a test ride.

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