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Lithium ion Batteries & Chargers

I have a lithium ion polymer Batt.pack 48 v. 11Ah Charger is Lith ion / Polymer( ROHS ) 120 V . 2 Amp... Have new Battery , 48 v. 20 Ah. With 6 Amp. Smart charger ,,, Question. Will the 2 Amp Charger work on BOTH BATTERIES ... They both have SAME Type Charge port. My guess is , Yes , but it will be slower charge.
I will assume that the new 48V 20 Ah battery is a Lithium battery also. The 2 Amp Lithium battery charger will recharge the 20 Ah battery and yes it will recharge it quite a bit slower than the 6 Amp charger will. The only thing to make sure of is that the charger ports on the 11ah and 20Ah batteries have the same polarity, then with that confirmed the 2 Amp charger could be used to recharge the 20Ah battery.
As i thought , but wanted to be Sure , one is lith ion polymer ,, other is regular lith ion & yes both Charge ports use same Round 3 hole connector... Thanks . .....

it will also depend on if both batteries packs have a battery management circuit board attached to them. one of the number 1 failures of lithium/ LiPo / LiFePo 4 is the bmc board goes bad. so a lower amp charger is great

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