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Horn and Light switch

Hello all , I got myself a evo electric scooter as a hobby project . Everything is working exept my horn . i got 2 wires on my horn ( red and black) i got a switch on my handle bar with 3 wires ( red)(power) ) (green)(horn) ) (yellow)(light) ) How should i connect my horn ? Made a few pictures as reference ! thanks in advance
If there is a Power Light connector on the controller then that could be used to supply power to the horn circuit. If the controller does not have a Power Light connector then power for the horn could be pulled directly from the battery pack. If you have wiring directions for the switch then they could be used to determine which wires go to the horn switch, otherwise the switch wires could be tested for continuity with a multimeter to determine which wires go to the horn switch. Then the horn switch could be wired in the positive side of the wires between the power source and horn, and the negative lead of the horn could be wired directly to the negative side of the power source without going through the switch.

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