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Hoverboard does not charge

Hello Community! :-)

When i connect the charger an power on the scooter there flashes a red LED on a circuit board (the one you see on the attached picture) 9 times, then again and again.

I bought another charger, same problem, it doesnt charge. the circuit board makes a high frequency sound. would you please help me, what parts do i need to buy? need more information? pictures? videos? THANK YOU SO MUCH

Greetings from Germany,


I just figured out, that the LED (charge symbol) on the outside of the scooter flashes orange for 6 times, then again and again.

On another website it says -> THE LIGHT FLASHES SIX TIMES: You've got a bad battery, my friend. It's easy to fix. You will have to make a decision about what battery you want to replace the defective one with. I recommend getting a quality batter since they are safer and better performing than a cheap, generic battery.

so, IF its the batteryback, do i only change the TWENTY icr18650-22p inside? or is the electronic in the battery pack faulty?

Sad, because i spend more to have the "better" Samsung Li-Ion Battery Pack (HCpower-10S2P, Product Model 10S2P2200AA01, 36V/4.4AH, 135*90*60mm, MSDS UN38.3)

thanks for help!

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