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Need Help with Throttle Wires

     I just bought the 24v DC 250W Brushless controller(SPD-24250BLDC) from to replace a burnt 24v 250W brushless controller on my old ebike(Ananda EB2420DL Chinese controller).  I have finished connecting the 3 motor phase wires, 5 motor hall sensor wires, and power wires to battery.  The only connections left are the throttle connections.  My original controller has 5 wires(Orange, Grey, Red, Blue, Black),  and the new brushless controller I purchased from you has 3 throttle wires(black,green,red) and 3 Speed control Wires(Orange, Black, Blue).  From the included pictures you can see the 5 wires on my original controller attached to 6-pin harness connector, and also the 6 wires from the new controller as well.  Can you help me make sense of how to connect up the throttle? 

On a side note, the motor phase wires on the original controller do not have any identification to identify which one is the U,V, and W Wire.  Based on the picture showing the Blue,Yellow,Green motor phase wires on the original board.  Is it safe to assume that the motor phase wire colors(Blue,Yellow,Green) on the new controller should be wired to the corresponding colors on the original harness?



(2.07 MB)
The motor phase wire colors on the new controller can be wired to the corresponding phase wire colors from the motor. These wire colors are standardized and universal between all brushless controllers and motors that I have seen.

Without having a wiring diagram for the Ananda controller I can not be 100% certain which wire colors are for the throttle's hall sensor that controls the speed. However if I had to guess I would presume that black was negative, red was +5 Volts output, and blue was for the throttle signal. This would equate to; Red to Red, Black to Black, and Blue to Green. It is probably safe to presume that this is how it needs to be wired however without documentation of the vehicle's or old controller's wiring this is just an educated guess and is not guaranteed to be correct.

If the throttle wire colors that plug into the controller correspond with the controller's wire colors then chances are even higher that the wiring equation I described above is correct. If the throttle has a green wire that plugs into the controllers blue wire that is also a good sign.

To be 100% certain the throttle could be tested to verify which wires are for +5 Volts (Red), Negative (black), and Signal (Green or Blue) by using the Off Vehicle Throttle Test section of our throttle testing guide on this page:

The SPD-24250BLDC controller's throttle connector wires are as follows: Red = +5V Output, Black = Negative/Ground, Green = Throttle Signal Input

Regarding the 3 Speed Control connector its Black and Orange wires need to be contacting each other in order for the controller to output full power to the motor. If these wires are not bridged together or connected to a switch then the controller will only run at medium speed, which is good for battery conservation however not good for obtaining full speed or going up hills.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Would a 5-wire throttle be able to be wired to a previously 3-wire throttle system ? 

Yes a 5-wire throttle can usually replace a 3-wire throttle by connecting the three wires of the 5-wire throttle that are for the throttle's speed function. The other two wires may be for a battery indicator or switch depending on what type of 5-wire throttle is installed.

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