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Razor MX650 Throttle

I have a Razor MX650 with a 6 pin throttle (five wires). There are two black wires. I assume they don't carry current and I put the black multimeter lead on one of them. The third wire said 4.5V regardless of the throttle position. The fourth wire fluctuated from 0.8V to 3.3V as I turn the throttle. The fifth wire showed 39V.


Does this throttle need to be replaced since it only goes to 3.3V at full throttle, or is there some kind of built-in limiter that keeps it from reaching 4.5V?

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Both of the black wires are negative wires. If the fourth wire was green then it is the throttle signal wire and it should have a range of around 0.8V to 4.2V as the throttle is twisted. This signal wire is limited to 4.2 Volt maximum Voltage by the throttle. The controller reads between 1V to 4V of the throttle signal so any throttle signal output range within these limits is okay.

If the throttle signal wire only goes up to 3.3 Volts then the motor should run and provide around 75% of its power at full throttle. To obtain full power from the motor the malfunctioning throttle would need to be replaced with a new one.

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