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Razor Pocket Mod - Sprocket / Freewheel / Bearing / Rear Wheel Problem

Hello all, I am new to the forum and new to owning a scooter in fact! I am already kinda hooked (don't tell my son since I originally got this for him for the most part). I have the Razor Pocket Mod Bistro and I guess it is version 9 according to the serial number which puts it in the same category as versions 8-12. I have had a tough time finding much info on anything below version 13 unfortunately. 

My father and I purchased this one and 1 other for $55. Mine came with a flat rear tire, dead batteries and no charger. Also I assume the rear bearings are bad because the other scooter's wheel spins freely much much longer than this one. I assume bearings, however my 1st QUESTION is, could this also be the freewheel clutch?

So I went ahead and replaced the tube (upgraded to bent stem) and both batteries (upgraded to 12v 9ah). I also just got a charger (upgraded to 24v 2ah).

I just got in the mail a pair of 6001ZZ bearings which I might need some insight on removal/installation.

My main reason for posting is because after replacing the tube and putting everything back together I noticed that there is a pretty bad "wobble". It looks like I may have bent either the sprocket or the freewheel or maybe something different all together is happening, I really don't know! I left all that on when I replaced the tube and I may have damaged something when pulling the tire off or when putting it back on. 

Secondary reason for posting is because I don't know if it is just the bearings I need to replace since the wheel doesn't spin freely very long or if I need a freewheel clutch? And I was wondering the best way to go about replacing the bearings as I have already purchased them and how to replace the freewheel or sprocket if need be. 

I am attaching a short video to show the wobble!

On a side note, I am interested in doing some modifications to make her faster (top end speed more important than acceleration). If anyone has any suggestions on parts, or any modification hacks or anything please share! 

  • I was curious if I can change the sprocket size and if I do would it make a difference?
  • Also I heard something along the lines of modifying something that allows more voltage to go to the battery, is this true, will this damage anything?

Any other things to do to increase speed please share!!!

(9.22 MB)

To test whether the wheel bearing or the freewheel clutch is causing the wheel drag the chain could be removed and then the wheel spun. If the wheel still has excessive drag with the chain removed then the bearings are causing the drag, and if the excessive drag stops when the chain is removed then the freewheel is causing the excessive drag.

I watched the video that you attached and can see that the rear wheel chain sprocket wobble is being caused by either the freewheel being worn out, or by the threads on the wheel not being machined correctly by the factory, or by the freewheel not being threaded onto the wheel hub threads properly. The sprocket does not look bent to me and it looks like the freewheel is doing the movement and the sprocket is only amplifying the wobble that the freewheel is making.

The professional way to remove electric scooter sealed bearings from the wheel hub is by using a pilot bearing puller tool. However the wheel bearings can also be removed with a hammer and punch by tapping the bearings out of the hub through the hole in the middle of the opposing bearing. If using a hammer and punch move the punch in a circle around the outside of the bearing and tap it out little by little as gently as possible. One one of the bearings has been removed the second one can be removed the same way or with a pipe that fits inside of the hub which can be used as a large punch.

Installing new wheel bearings can be performed by following the instructions on this page of our repair help area:

Regarding modifying the scooter for more top end speed the most reliable way is to install a more powerful motor and controller along with a smaller wheel sprocket. There are other less costly ways to get more top end speed out of the scooter such as overvolting the motor and controller, or simply installing a smaller sprocket on the rear wheel without installing a larger motor and controller, however these other methods are hard on the motor and controller and do not lend themselves to a long lasting and reliable modification. Sometimes they can be a good starting point though if you do not mind the possibility of burning out the original parts and replacing them with more powerful parts at some time in the future.

If you are still interested in modifying the scooter for more top end speed then please let me know which method you are interested in trying and I can provide further information about the parts needed for the modification.

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