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E scooter parts

I found an English scooter and it's needing some parts that seem to be missing. Looks like it needs some external plates on the outside of the frame to hold the motor in place and a pin that can be pulled to fold the handle bar down. Any help ? Also may want to convert to a gas powered motor. Any idea of brand that would work? This scooter has the small yellow rubber wheels. John
It's an E scooter is what I meant to say.

E-Scooter made many different models and versions of electric scooters. Do you have any way to take and attach some photos of it so we can see what model it is?

The motor is attached to the scooter's frame with three bolts and three spacers. We do not carry these bolts and spacers so they would need to be sourced from a hardware store. The three spacers could be replaced with washers if the right size tubing to make the spacers could not be found. Here is a photo of a motor with these bolts and spacers attached to it.


The folding handlebar pin is usually a quick release mechanism like used for a bicycle seat post however it has hardware in the middle of it so it works with the handlebar's folding mechanism. We do not carry the quick release part for those handlebars so a nut and bolts might need to be used to keep the handlebars in place. The nut and bolt would need to be kept from sliding upwards though otherwise the handlebars would fold when the scooter was being used. Maybe a second nut and bolt could go on top of the first ones to keep the first ones from sliding up.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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