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Rhino still won't run

I have an older model Electric Rhino that was given to me.  I took it apart and decided to replace batteries that I thought were old and not working.  I replaced them and still have all the lights on the handle lit up and it doesn't seem to go forward at all.  I replaced the fuse but really don't want to sink more money at guesses.  Any advice on what to do or replace would be appreciated........THANKS




I would start with unplugging the brake lever switch connector(s) from the controller and see if it runs then. Sometimes the brake switch fails and locks into the on position which tells the controller to turn off the motor.

If it still does not run with the brake lever switch or switches disconnected from the controller, and all of the lights on the throttle light up when the power is on, then chances are that the throttle or controller has failed. Unless the throttle has been physically damaged the controller will usually fail long before the throttle does so it would be the most likely part that needs to be replaced.

If you want to be absolutely certain that the controller does not work before replacing it then we can test it for free in our shop. We would just need it to be sent to us for testing.

Hopefully it is just a bad brake lever switch though. Please let us know how it goes.

Awesome and thanks for the advise.......I'll keep you posted.


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