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Razer Ground Force Drifter Upgrade

Good Evening,

I am trying to upgrade a Ground Force Drifter and would like a parts list that I could get. I'm looking for a 500-750w 36v motor and a 36v controller with a battery upgrade. I'm looking to double the speed/take off of the cart.

I have seen some stuff on the forums but the parts required was not very clear. Thanks

I do apologize as I meant to put this under upgrades

If a 24 Volt 500 Watt or 750 Watt motor is overvolted to 36 Volts then its 2500-2600 RPM will increase by 50% which will increase the top speed of the Drifter only by 50%. In order to increase the top speed by 100% and double the speed of the cart a smaller axle sprocket will be needed. The Ground Force Drifter's original axle sprocket has 32 teeth. We have a 16 tooth sprocket which is our item # SPR-2516 that could be machined to fit the Drifter's axle. Then a 36 Volt motor, controller and battery pack could be installed and the speed and power of the cart would be doubled.

It is more reliable to run a 36 Volt motor on 36 Volts than to overvolt a 24 Volt motor to 36 Volts so if you are going to install a smaller sprocket on the axle then I would go with a 36 Volt motor. Also if you are going to put a smaller sprocket on the axle and can not find a local machine shop that can machine the sprocket to fit the axle then we work with a machine shop that should be able do the job.

We can help with putting together a part list or kit for your project once you decide which parts you would like to use.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The 36v alternative seems the way to go as well as the 16 teeth sprocket. I have a place where I can get it machined. In addition to getting the motor,battery,controller etc I'm assuming I will also need a chain. Please provide the part numbers necessary to make this kit happen. I appreciate the help

There are several different 36 Volt 500-750 Watt motors that could be used for the modification. I recommend using a 750 Watt motor so you will be sure to have enough power. I also recommend to use a larger size Unite brand motor such as our MOT-36750B if there is enough room to fit it on the cart because it has more low end torque and better cooling than the smaller Currie brand motors such as the MOT-36750. However if there is only enough room for the smaller Currie motor then it will definitely do the job, although you might want to consider using the 1000 Watt MOT-SD361000 Currie motor for more low end torque if you need to use the smaller motor size.


For the controller our SPD-361000B is the perfect match for either a 36 Volt 750 Watt or 36 Volt 1000 Watt motor.

The Razor Ground Force Drifter's original throttle could be used with the new 36 Volt controller however its battery level meter is calibrated for a 24 Volt battery pack so it would always show a full battery pack when used with a 36 Volt system. In order to have a throttle with working battery meter a throttle with 36 Volt battery meter such as our THR-68 would need to be used.

For the battery pack the minimum size batteries that we recommend for a 750 Watt motor are 10Ah. The higher the Ah rating of the batteries the longer the ride time will be though so if you can fit three batteries that are larger than 10Ah into the cart then that would give the cart a longer ride time. Here is a link to our batteries page which has dimensions of the batteries:

If you do not already have a 36 Volt battery charger then our CHR-36V1.6A3P will work for battery packs up to 15Ah. I do not imagine due to their size that you would use batteries larger than 15Ah however if you do then our CHR-36V2.5A3P charger is recommended for 18Ah and 22Ah battery packs.

The sprocket is our SPR-2516 and the chain needed for this and the motor's sprocket is #25 heavy duty.

We can make a kit out of all the electrical and powertrain parts needed for this project. So we can make the kit do you know which motor and batteries you would like to use?

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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