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Razor Pocket Mod Bistro Dying Too Fast (New Batteries & Charger)

Hi all I have a version 09 Pocket Mod Bistro. I just replaced both batteries (upgraded to 12v 9ah), I also just got a new charger (upgraded to 24v 2ah). Yet, we can get maybe 15-20 mins out of it before it dies while our other pocket mod, version 41, also with same new batteries will be still running strong and in fact when the charger is hooked up it doesn't even show red after running the same amount of time + pulled me back for 10 minutes more. What else could be the problem?

Thank You All!

If the two battery packs were purchased at different times then the battery pack which is lasting longer and providing more ride time could have more discharge and recharge cycles on it so it is further along in the formatting phase of its life cycle than the newer battery pack is. New lead acid battery packs will increase in capacity and provide longer ride times during the first 20-50 deep discharge and recharge cycles. Here is a chart showing the capacity verses the discharge and recharge cycles for lead-acid electric scooter and bike batteries.


If both of the battery packs have the same number of discharge and recharge cycles on them, and are both the same brand and Ah rating of batteries, then there might be something that is causing the version 9 scooter to drain the battery pack faster then the version 41 does such as a dragging brake, low tire pressure, rubbing tire, worn out wheel bearings, etc.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and also how it goes.

Thank you very much for the info that is pretty interesting actually. However in this case it turns out it was the new charger I bought. Maybe they called it a "fast charger" because the reason it is fast is that it doesn't fully charge it. I swapped chargers with the version 41 and what do you know mine drove 3x further than it! Thank you for your help though!

You are welcome. It is great to hear that you determined what the faulty part is and the got the problem resolved. I did not think it was very likely that the problem was with the charger since it is brand new. Just goes to show that you can't rule anything out when troubleshooting an electric scooter.
Would a 24v 4a charger work without causing any damage and would it make a noticeable difference of any sort like how fast it charges?

Battery charging specification are different for different brands of batteries however most brands have fairly close specifications. The UPG brand 12 Volt 9Ah batteries that we sell have a recommended maximum charge current of 2.7 Amps. So I would think that 4 Amps would be too much current to recharge most 9Ah battery packs with. I would use a charger rated at 2.5 Amps or less for that size of battery.

The more Amps the charger outputs the faster the batteries will recharge. The faster the batteries are recharged the faster they will wear out however using a fast charger will not dramatically reduce the lifespan of a battery pack. The slower the batteries are recharged the longer they will last though.

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