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Wire Terminal ID please

Hi all,

This isn't for a scooter, but a vacuum cleaner. I'm trying to figure out what wire terminals I need to duplicate what the factory uses (but doesn't sell). They clip onto the switch (pictured) and can't be removed until you press a 'button'.

It looks like item # CNX-05F from the store, but I can't see the underside to verify.

Thanks for the help!











That wire terminal in your photos looks exactly like our CNX-05F. The CNX-05F terminal has the same latch that locks it onto the switch lead and can be removed by pushing on the release button in the terminal.
Thanks a lot!

You have no idea how long I've been searching for these!


You are welcome. I know how difficult it can be to find these type of connectors which is the reason why we carry them.

We also sell a crimping tool designed specifically for these type of connectors which is our item # CRM-85 sold on this page:


                  CRM-85 Crimping Tool

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